Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey everyone,
Soon it will be that crazy time of the semester we all like to call rush, so I thought I would post our schedule and hopefully some alumni (Patti, Angie I who you guys are in town!) will be able to join us!

Friday, September 7th: Bowling, Meet at the house at 3:45PM
Thursday, September 13th: Games and Grilling out with TKE @4:30 PM in the circle
Friday, September 14th: Pizza Party at the house at 5:00 PM
Monday, September 17th: Baking Goodies at the house at 5:00 PM
Wednesday, September 19th: Icecream Social with Sigma Pi at 5:00 PM
Thursday, September 20th: Spaghetti Dinner (invite) at 6:00 PM

Feel Free to email me if you need directions!



Anonymous said...

you know what? here in the philippines, there's bunch of guys here who is forging your sorority. And they are using kappa alpha sigma GREEK letters as the name of their fraternity which is illegal.

Ive spotted this group at the Negros Occidental province of the Philippines.

for the confirmation about this problem, pls search this account on friendster...: henjie cuadra and you will see the name of your organization being imitated.

I hope that you guyz would correct this problems as fratmen...

thank you and good luck:

from a concern fratman...

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