Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ATTN: All "K" Girls and "K" Alumni

Hey everyone! In the spirit of this new KAE blog I would like everyone's help in a little project that I would like to start. As you all have probably seen, the pledge class photos that were once on the webpage are gone...I would like to put them back up, in an album ,with as many years of pledge classes as possible. So if you have a picture of your pledge class or other classes please post them on here, or email them to the Kappa Alpha Sigma email (linked on the webpage). Note: Please list the pledge class and semester of the picture.
Thanks everyone!

Kristen Novey
Vice President
Kappa Alpha Sigma
Spring 2007


Theresa Erickson said...

Hi Kristen,
Website looks great! 10 times better then when I used to do it. I still have the cd's with the pledge class photos from my time so I can dig them out and shoot them to ya.
Keep up the great work ladies!
Theresa (Neldner) Erickson

Kappa Alpha Sigma said...

Thank you Theresa, I would love to get those CD's so I dont have to rescan all those Photos!!